Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vintage Driving Gloves

Check out my new post on! I crocheted these adorable Vintage Driving Gloves from a pattern by WhileTheyPlay! They turned out so cute!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Goal

Harrison and I have a new goal for this year. We have decided that apartment renting is not for us any more. So our goal is by the time our lease is up we will have enough money for the down payment to rent a house. Since it is not our time to buy a house yet, we can at least rent one.

We have been having problem with a child running and pounding above us. The neighbors are very friendly above us and have apologized. Today was especially noisy. Harrison went up to talk to them and found out they are having the same problem above them. In fact it is so bad, the sprinkler cap fell off the ceiling and hit the grandma in the head. I feel so bad that they also have to deal with noises. It can be very frustrating. So I am finding out more and more that these so called "Luxury Apartments" are the kind where they put extremely nice appliances in, yet skimp on important things like "soundproofing" (which I might add they advertised they had). Since we have moved into this apartment, we have had more problems. We are still living in 50% humidity. I have decided that Seeno property living is NOT for us.

This new year is going to be a wonderful time to catch up on things, organize and save money. I am also very excited about crafting this year. I will have a better work space and get to finish all of my projects that have been put on hold. 2009 Here I Come!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2 1/2 years this Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is by far my favorite time of year. Growing up it was because that is when we would open presents. It became even more special the day I got married, because Christmas Eve marks the half way mark of our anniversary. So not only do I get to Celebrate the Reason for the Season, I also get to celebrate my marriage. There couldn't be a better combination in my eyes. So here is to Christ's Birth and 2 1/2 years of Marriage! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And don't forget to Celebrate Christ's birth because that is the most important part of Christmas! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas Present!

Ok, so all week I have been enjoying my early Christmas Present. I cant believe that this gorgeous present is all mine! I made my usual monthly trip to my favorite store, Room With A Past. I walked in the door and came face to face with the most beautiful White Shabby Chic Hutch I have ever seen! It was in amazing condition and an excellent price! Harrison and I have been looking for a buffet table, but a hutch was even better. I called Harrison immediately and told him of its beauty and of course trusting my judgment Harrison said Yes! So I said, "Merry Christmas to me!" Harrison has always wanted to buy me a hutch so this was the perfect Christmas Present. Take a look below at this lovely find!


Can you say super Cute?

and After! I still have some rearanging to do. But for now this is how the hutch looks until I find the perfect spot for everything it holds. As soon as I get everything in my apartment just the way I want it. I MUST share pictures with you of everything I have bought from Room With A Past. I find so many treasures at this store!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tootsie's Flour Bath

Friday was a very bad day for me. We had to deal with loud neighbors above us that made me lose sleep, I found out someone from my past died and our family was never told of it..and so on. It was definitely a "Jonah Day" as Anne would say. It felt like I was crying all day. Just when I was about to feel better and my puffy eyes started to disappear happened....

Our little bird Lily bit our Cockatiel Tootsie's foot so bad she started bleeding like crazy. If you know about birds, you know that it doesn't take much loss of blood to die. Frantic, I grabbed the flour and poured it on the coffee table. After her flying around scared and bleeding, Harrison and I finally were able to grab our scared Tootsie and wrap her in a towel to attend to her wound. If you know Tootsie, you know this can be a difficult thing. She loves to cuddle, be close to you, and will even stand on your finger on command... But she is very scared of hands.

Flour or Corn Startch is what stops the bleeding. So I dunked her little feet in the flour to try and stop the bleeding. While Harrison called the emergancy vet, I sat with her to make sure she didnt start bleeding again. After a few minutes of her preening and standing on one foot she waddled over to me to cuddle.

Her foot stopped bleeding and just had pink sores on it. So for bedtime I rolled her close to our bedroom in case she got nightfright and hurt herself further. Today, you couldnt even tell she had hurt herself.

I am so thankful that the Lord was watching out for our birdie and kept her safe. She is really special to Harrison and I. I would be devistated if anything happened to our Tootsie Girl. I am just thankful that no matter what life throws at us. The Lord is always there to comfort us.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cuddle Buddie

Today, Tootsie did something very sweet. I was sitting on the couch enjoying the Christmas tree and a Rawhide while crocheting a doily with Tootsie sitting on my knee. I looked over and saw her cuddling with her foot! I was able to grab my camera which just happened to be right next to me, and shot a few pictures. Here are three pictures that I captured.

Christmas Spirit!

Christmas time is here and I am lovin it! Today, I was able to enjoy the cold crisp air, clear blue and sunny sky. Granted it was to help bring home my brother from his wisdom teeth surgery. But none the less it was a beautiful day.

We have our tree, I am 98% finished decorating, have been knitting and crocheting like crazy for presents, and have been watching Christmas movies left and right. Buying and decorating the tree this year was a real treat. Harrison and I grabbed our hot chocolate, borrowed my dad's truck and headed off to find the perfect Christmas Tree. The next evening we had a wonderful time decorating the tree while watching our favorite Christmas film "White Christmas". Oh yes, and don't forget the Hot chocolate, with marshmallows, and whip cream. Our birds also came out and enjoyed the fun. Lemon had to help Harrison decorate. Coming soon....The Early Christmas Present

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving out, Christmas in

The Thanksgiving season was a nice time this year. For Ladies Bible Study, I was able to make crocheted pumpkins for everyone. I used this wonderful pattern by PlanetJune. I also brought pumpkin spice bread, and some fun pilgrim cookies. My grandma gave me a subscription to a food magazine where I found these fun cookies. They really were a blast to make!

Christmas time has come upon us now and I have already caught the Holiday Spirit....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Van Johnson - end of a Golden Era

It makes me very sad to have to say that Van Johnson died today of natural causes at 92 years old. He is one of the last actors to die from the Golden Era of Hollywood. Not many of the good old fashioned actors are alive today. Van Johnson stared it many movies. My favorites being, Brigadoon, The Cain Mutiny, and In the Good Old Summertime. I also love the episode where he appears on I Love Lucy. To find out more about his death, click on the article below.

NEW YORK — Van Johnson, whose boy-next-door wholesomeness made him a popular Hollywood star in the '40s and '50s with such films as "30 Seconds over Tokyo," "A Guy Named Joe" and "The Caine Mutiny," died Friday of natural causes. He was 92.

Johnson died at Tappan Zee Manor, an assisted living center in Nyack, N.Y., said Wendy Bleisweiss, a close friend.

With his tall, athletic build, handsome, freckled face and sunny personality, the red-haired Johnson starred opposite Esther Williams, June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor and others during his two decades under contract to MGM.......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Glass Explosion!

It was another normal night at the Farr household. The night before we had to evacuate our complex building with all the other tenants for the false fire alarm. This night we decided to have a glass explosion....

I was about to cook the most amazing dish that I found online. Harrison was in the computer room with the birds. I was in the bedroom on the laptop figuring out my game plan for dinner. My corningware glass baking lid was on the kitchen counter.

To my horror, I heard sliding baking sheets in the kitchen followed by an explosion of glass. While jumping from the bed with a scream, Harrison darted out of the bird room with a "What Happened?!" We both arrived at the same time to see the carnage of my glass lid. It literally exploded. The biggest piece of glass left was the little handle. Glass had flown across the dining room and some even wedged into appliances. Shards everywhere! Thank goodness no one was even near this explosion. The kitchen tile and dining room carpet were covered in glass!

I guess this just goes to show, it is never boring around my apartment!

After we cleaned everything up, I was finally able to start the amazing recipe I found. :) We had Mozzarella filled turkey meat balls with a tomato & basil pesto sauce. It turned out great and it was super easy to make. Not a fan of raw meat though.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fire Alarm equals evacuate!

My days and evenings as of late haven't been to normal. Tonight was no exception. The day started well enough. I was feeling better after being sick in bed for 5 days. I cooked an after-thanksgiving-year-old-turkey (long story). I made the bed and did some other housework. When Harrison came home we had a nice dinner and a relaxing evening. Then it was time to settle into bed and watch an episode on the I thought.

The time was about 11:00pm. The whole apartment building Fire Alarm went off. This might not seem like to big a deal. But when you consider the alarm goes off inside your apartment AND outside, it definitely makes you jump!

So after making sure it was a false alarm, we uncovered the birds so they wouldn't be as afraid. Then we went outside to call for help along with everyone else who shuffled out of their apartments. 10 min later 2 fire trucks roll in. 5 min. later the apartment management showed up.

So we all spent the next 30 min. outside in the 45 degree weather waiting for them to figure out which alarm pull went off. Finally about 45 min after the alarm started they turned it off.

One thing about this new complex, they definitely keep you on your toes.
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