Friday, December 5, 2008

Glass Explosion!

It was another normal night at the Farr household. The night before we had to evacuate our complex building with all the other tenants for the false fire alarm. This night we decided to have a glass explosion....

I was about to cook the most amazing dish that I found online. Harrison was in the computer room with the birds. I was in the bedroom on the laptop figuring out my game plan for dinner. My corningware glass baking lid was on the kitchen counter.

To my horror, I heard sliding baking sheets in the kitchen followed by an explosion of glass. While jumping from the bed with a scream, Harrison darted out of the bird room with a "What Happened?!" We both arrived at the same time to see the carnage of my glass lid. It literally exploded. The biggest piece of glass left was the little handle. Glass had flown across the dining room and some even wedged into appliances. Shards everywhere! Thank goodness no one was even near this explosion. The kitchen tile and dining room carpet were covered in glass!

I guess this just goes to show, it is never boring around my apartment!

After we cleaned everything up, I was finally able to start the amazing recipe I found. :) We had Mozzarella filled turkey meat balls with a tomato & basil pesto sauce. It turned out great and it was super easy to make. Not a fan of raw meat though.

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