Monday, October 29, 2007

Update and Prayer

We just received word from the apartment complex that they have an opening for a move in date of December 27th. We cant make it down there until the end of the week and They cant hold the apartment, so pray if it is the Lord's will that the apartment will stay available until we can look at it on Monday. Thanks for your payers! Love, Rebekah

Update on our Move....

This last week has been pretty hectic! It is over now and I am pushing forward to new projects. We are in the process of trying to find the right apartment to move into. We found one that we are praying we can get. We have been put on their waiting list. Apartment pictured above. I have faith that if this is the right apartment, God will give it to us. If not, then there is a better one out there for us.

We are planning on moving in January. Our moving date is approaching very fast! Harrison is also in the process of looking for a job. He has one call back, but a lot of places are looking for a person now, not in January. So he probably wont find a job until it gets closer to our move.

We are very excited about this apartment in Mira Loma. The apartment layout is great! The layout name is called the Fordham. It is a 1br, 1.5 bath with a loft. It's square footage is 1103. The Apartment has it's own garage that connects to the private courtyard. It is 2 story. Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and 1/2 bathroom downstairs. Upstairs is the Loft, Laundry Room, Bathroom and Bedroom with 2 walk in closets. This apartment is 400 square ft bigger then the one we have. Which is wonderful.

The Lord has always taken care of us, so I have no anxiety about the move. I am however a little worried that we wont get the apartment, but I know the Lord is in control. If it is the Lord's will then we will get it. If not then there is something better out there for us. It is so wonderful to know that the Lord is in control and looking out for us. What a wonderful God we serve!
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