Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Goal

Harrison and I have a new goal for this year. We have decided that apartment renting is not for us any more. So our goal is by the time our lease is up we will have enough money for the down payment to rent a house. Since it is not our time to buy a house yet, we can at least rent one.

We have been having problem with a child running and pounding above us. The neighbors are very friendly above us and have apologized. Today was especially noisy. Harrison went up to talk to them and found out they are having the same problem above them. In fact it is so bad, the sprinkler cap fell off the ceiling and hit the grandma in the head. I feel so bad that they also have to deal with noises. It can be very frustrating. So I am finding out more and more that these so called "Luxury Apartments" are the kind where they put extremely nice appliances in, yet skimp on important things like "soundproofing" (which I might add they advertised they had). Since we have moved into this apartment, we have had more problems. We are still living in 50% humidity. I have decided that Seeno property living is NOT for us.

This new year is going to be a wonderful time to catch up on things, organize and save money. I am also very excited about crafting this year. I will have a better work space and get to finish all of my projects that have been put on hold. 2009 Here I Come!
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