Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simply Providential

The search for an adoption agency is a scary thing. Wanting to pick the right one amidst the many options, but not quite knowing where to look. Then Harrison hit the jackpot, a website that lists all the adoption agencies in California by County. So cool!

So Tuesday night after Harrison went to bed, I began searching the site. Up until then, Harrison was doing all the research. So I was very curious what was out there. I went through link after link until I found one that intrigued me.

They had everything we were interested in AND they had interviews from adoptive parents who used there agency. It was wonderful. I cried through most of the interviews. So many wonderful stories of adoption. In my heart, I felt this was the one for us.

But this was in my heart. I wanted Harrison to feel like this was right without any input from me. So I prayed that if this was the Lord's will, that He would show Harrison this agency and put it on his heart this was the right one.

The next day, Harrison e-mailed me from work with his top 5 choices and said his first choice already e-mailed all the information we needed to him. Wow! that was fast. I looked at his top choice, praying it was the one I found last night.

There it was. The agency I found right on top in number 1 position. I was thrilled. I called Harrison and said in tears "We found our agency". We are both so at peace with our choice.

This is what I call.... Simply Providential.

We are so excited to jump into this process. We have so many fears and worries, but I know we are surrounded with prayer. The Lord has worked everything out so perfectly. I know He will work the future out. We are excited to see what His will unfolds.

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