Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fire Alarm equals evacuate!

My days and evenings as of late haven't been to normal. Tonight was no exception. The day started well enough. I was feeling better after being sick in bed for 5 days. I cooked an after-thanksgiving-year-old-turkey (long story). I made the bed and did some other housework. When Harrison came home we had a nice dinner and a relaxing evening. Then it was time to settle into bed and watch an episode on the I thought.

The time was about 11:00pm. The whole apartment building Fire Alarm went off. This might not seem like to big a deal. But when you consider the alarm goes off inside your apartment AND outside, it definitely makes you jump!

So after making sure it was a false alarm, we uncovered the birds so they wouldn't be as afraid. Then we went outside to call for help along with everyone else who shuffled out of their apartments. 10 min later 2 fire trucks roll in. 5 min. later the apartment management showed up.

So we all spent the next 30 min. outside in the 45 degree weather waiting for them to figure out which alarm pull went off. Finally about 45 min after the alarm started they turned it off.

One thing about this new complex, they definitely keep you on your toes.

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