Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cuddle Buddie

Today, Tootsie did something very sweet. I was sitting on the couch enjoying the Christmas tree and a Rawhide while crocheting a doily with Tootsie sitting on my knee. I looked over and saw her cuddling with her foot! I was able to grab my camera which just happened to be right next to me, and shot a few pictures. Here are three pictures that I captured.

Christmas Spirit!

Christmas time is here and I am lovin it! Today, I was able to enjoy the cold crisp air, clear blue and sunny sky. Granted it was to help bring home my brother from his wisdom teeth surgery. But none the less it was a beautiful day.

We have our tree, I am 98% finished decorating, have been knitting and crocheting like crazy for presents, and have been watching Christmas movies left and right. Buying and decorating the tree this year was a real treat. Harrison and I grabbed our hot chocolate, borrowed my dad's truck and headed off to find the perfect Christmas Tree. The next evening we had a wonderful time decorating the tree while watching our favorite Christmas film "White Christmas". Oh yes, and don't forget the Hot chocolate, with marshmallows, and whip cream. Our birds also came out and enjoyed the fun. Lemon had to help Harrison decorate. Coming soon....The Early Christmas Present
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