Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Treasured Experience....

It is not everyday where something happens and I have to blog about it....immediately. Today is one of those days. One thing I am going to miss about this apartment when we move is the window by my bed. At night when it is cold, it is left open to allow the fresh air to breeze through. We are on a second level next to a tree that blossoms soft white flowers in the spring time. It really is a beautiful thing to behold....waking up to blossoms. Sadly, it is not spring and I will never see those flowers bloom outside my window again..... But God's Creation has a way of surprising you. That is what happened to me today.....A small treasured blessing....

I woke up to hear a bird squawking near my window in the tree. It was not a pleasant thing to hear, so I got up to investigate. I leaned against the window ledge and looked out. I couldn't find the bird. But to my dismay, I saw a hummingbird sitting in the tree. Now, I have never seen a hummingbird sitting completely still, so I wasn't sure it was one. But it did have a very long beak. So being a bird owner, I did the obvious. I clicked my tongue to get attention. Birds like that right? hehe....I don't know but that is the first think I thought of.

The little hummingbird looked around for the noise and saw me through the open window. He started at me for a couple seconds and then took off flying...toward me! Sure enough it definitely was a hummingbird. :) The little guy flew over to me and hovered no more then 12 inches near my face. He hovered there watching me for at the least 10 seconds. I could see his beautiful red belly. His feathers were shiny and smooth. After his curiosity was gone he fluttered away, leaving me completely amazed and in awe of God's Creation.

That was an experience I will never forget. I have never thought of a hummingbird with personality until today's connection. He was so close to my face and was just as curious about me as I was about him. I am thankful that the Lord gave me that one little blessing and I will treasure it.
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