Friday, May 16, 2008

Needed Prayer

This past two days has been very hard on me. I just finished saying goodbye to my Grandfather on the phone. He is having strokes and doesn't think he is going to make it. So he wanted to say goodbye to me and tell me he loves me. My mom and I are having a hard time. Please pray for us and our family. But most important pray for my Grandfather. Pray that the Lord will keep him with us a little while longer so I can see him again. But if that doesn't happen. The Lord gave me a short phone call with him, and a goodbye kiss the last time I saw him.

Happy Ending to a HOT Day!

In order to keep your sanity, some days you just need to laugh. However, I found it hard to laugh yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, after I finished with my blog, I went into the living room to wait for the air conditioner to be fixed. He got it all hooked up and had a few more things to do. I knew he must be so tired! Bless his heart! Working so hard in this heat. I found it hard just to sit in this 95 degree heat, much less have to fix someones air conditioning. So I gave him an ice cold can of coke, much to his delight. He then went on his merry way, most likely happy to be done with the air conditioning unit.

So here I was, a new air conditioner. I had it on for 5-10 min and the power went out! Ok, here is when I should have laughed. I thought I was going to go insane! I was sweating because my apartment was a sauna, I couldn't do my laundry, the birds were getting to hot, there was no good water in the house, so I did what any wife should do..... :)

I called my husband to tell my troubles. So he got off of work early, picked me and the birds up and whisked us off to my parents house for the air conditioning, where I was able to do my laundry for a spa party I was going to. My mom made us a milkshake and gave me a glass of water. And my dad pulled out the fan and I just laid in my mom's recliner sipping my shake. Aww, the good life!

I was able to spend the night at her house from the relief of 3 days of constant heat. Wheres the happy ending you might say? I am home in a cool apartment and it is 102 degrees outside! And my mom is bird sitting! So I get an afternoon of cool relaxation alone!

I still feel down because of my Grandfather's mini strokes and having to say goodbye to him over the phone, but I will at least be able to relax my weary body; while I pray for him constantly.I love you Grandfather!
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