Friday, November 28, 2008

4 am Madness!

Black friday. Woman in need of sheets. Cant resist over 60% off. Jcpenney card in hand. She leaves her sleeping husband in bed and heads off to JcPenney at 3:30 am with coupons in hand. Finds great deals. Comes home happy. The end. :)

Harrison thinks I'm nuts! But he loved what I came home with. So success! :) I saved over 60% off. I finally got that down comforter I have always wanted. Normally this 5 star down comforter is 300$. Me? I got it for 100$ :) And I got discounted sheets and comforter set! Can't beat that! Everything I bought was at the least 60% off.

Now all I need is a duvet cover.....hmm... drat. oh ya, and some sleep. zzzzzzzzz
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