Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun at the Bird Store - To Buy or Not to Buy!

My gruesome bite is finally starting to heal up nicely. I decided to make another trip to Feathered Follies to see sweet lemon. I arrived at the bird store with cage in the backseat of my car, just in case I bought her. I swiftly made my way to the cage where Lemon was, being very careful not come in contact with the beast below. I was able to talk to the manager who said that I didn't have to buy Lemon with her cage mate! Very thrilled at that information! She then said I could take her in the back room and play with her! So I agreed very thrilled at the idea.

In the back room, Lemon stepped up onto my hand and started to instantly cuddle. I knew then and there I couldn't leave her behind in that store! She wanted everything to do with my hand. She wanted to be rubbed and loved. I called Harrison and we decided to take this little angel home.

At the moment she is on my shoulder burrowing herself in my hair. She is one lovable yet quirky bird. Of course I thought this would be a piece of cake, but Lemon does have a problem. She wants to be with you sooo bad! She doesn't like to be in her cage. She wants attention 24/7. If she doesn't get that attention...squawk, squawk, squawk! She is quarantined from the other birdies for a while to make sure she is healthy. So they chirp back and forth. Once she can be with the other birdies I know she will calm down.

So the answer to the question? To Buy or Not to Buy? Is.....To...BUY!

Pictures coming soon!

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