Thursday, March 13, 2008

Knitting, Knitting, and more Knitting!

While buying yarn for the patriotic scarf I promised to make Harrison, I found this lovely Blue, Brown, and Cream yarn. So I decided to make a scarf for me too! The yarn is so soft!

For some odd reason the scarf is turning into a zig zag pattern. I am very happy with it! This pattern is super easy. Using a size US 11 needle, I cast on 25, then *knit and pearl* to end then repeat until it is at the desired length! Then Bind Off.

Harrison's was a little bit more difficult. He wanted a patriotic scarf. He wants the colors to be in bands of Red, White, and Blue. He searched for the pattern and found just what he wanted. A scarf that was ribbed. I haven't got much done on it yet, but am swiftly working on it in between getting ready for a garage sale, house and bird sitting, quilting, and fabric hunting.

The pattern for the scarf I am making Harrison is as follows: Using Size US 8 needles cast on 35 stitches.
Row 1: K3,*P1,K3* Row 2: K1, *P1, K3*, end with P1, K1. Repeat rows 1 & 2 until desired length. Bind off. This one is pretty simple too!
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