Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Me and the Neighbors!

Today has been a trying day for me. A day, when I realize, I want to get out of this apartment as fast as I can. Overall when everything is working and the neighbors are quiet: it is a nice place to live. But on a day like this, when the air conditioning isn't working in 90 degree weather and the neighbors are playing loud booming video games (with their speakers attached to their wall near the ceiling), there is no peace or solitude.

I find myself putting the birds in their cages and retreating to the bedroom where it is slightly more quiet and cool. I sit on my bed with a huge fan (as Harrison calls it, the typhoon maker) blowing on me and masking the noise of the neighbors while giving me some relief from the heat and my daily chores. It seems I have bad luck with neighbors. I always get stuck surrounded by constantly loud people (day and night) who have no regard for anyone but themselves.

So at this very moment of wanting to rip my hair out, I decided to rant and rave on this blog (lucky you!) and then retreat to my Bible where I can get peace of spirit. So when I am in better spirits, I will blog my promised blog entry. Until then......pray for my sanity! :) lol
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