Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Egg

It was the birds bed time. Harrison went in to cover the birds. Harrison exclaimed "Oh, No!", and I knew. It was only a matter of time. Tootsie has been acting weird for the past 2 days. To Harrison's dismay and my dread, we saw it. The Egg! Our little birdie is the mama of an unfertilized egg. We were afraid she would lay one. She sits on her egg day and night only getting up to eat. Do not get near her egg or she hisses. So we had to move Lemon away from Tootsie, because Lemon is seen as a threat. There is a lot to deal with when a bird lays an egg. Not the greatest timing with our move.

Our move.... Well, the apartments are done! We went yesterday last minute and looked at a model of the kind we are getting. Ok, so I wont go into detail now because that is a whole other story. But I can say....."WOW!!!!! Its gorgeous!". It is beyond our expectations! :) The rest of the story coming as soon as we start moving....
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