Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Christmas Present!

Ok, so all week I have been enjoying my early Christmas Present. I cant believe that this gorgeous present is all mine! I made my usual monthly trip to my favorite store, Room With A Past. I walked in the door and came face to face with the most beautiful White Shabby Chic Hutch I have ever seen! It was in amazing condition and an excellent price! Harrison and I have been looking for a buffet table, but a hutch was even better. I called Harrison immediately and told him of its beauty and of course trusting my judgment Harrison said Yes! So I said, "Merry Christmas to me!" Harrison has always wanted to buy me a hutch so this was the perfect Christmas Present. Take a look below at this lovely find!


Can you say super Cute?

and After! I still have some rearanging to do. But for now this is how the hutch looks until I find the perfect spot for everything it holds. As soon as I get everything in my apartment just the way I want it. I MUST share pictures with you of everything I have bought from Room With A Past. I find so many treasures at this store!

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Jan Ely said...

I was hoping I'd get to see the hutch in it's new home, and, yippie, now I have! It looks so cute I think I will have to paint my hutch white this spring!!! Thanks for your post.

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