Sunday, February 17, 2008

Next Craft!

With all of this packing away of my favorite things for our (who- knows -when- we- are- ever- going- to- move) move, I have decided I need a small craft to do. I have no clue when in the world I will find the time, but have committed myself to it nonetheless.

Being inspired by my new necklaces by Susan Branch and seeing this trend all around my favorite stores, I have decided to make a necklace of my own with Rosie the Riveter as my picture. My mother being the excellent crafter she is has an article on how to make these lovely soldered silver Charms/Pendants. I have the picture all created and printed, thanks to my parents lovely i-mac. I am 1/4th of the way there! I have no clue how long this venture will take me, considering I have so many other crafts that need to be done, that actually have a useful purpose.

For instance, the 2 bird cage seed catchers I must sew for my birds, painting my 25 dollar coffee table, and finishing my other painting projects. :) My husband loves to make fun of me because everything I buy, I see it in my head painted white with shabby chic distressing. But of course he doesn't complain considering he gets some great furniture out of it. For instance, his by the couch - 10$ - goodwill buy - that I painted white and distressed - magazine rack/table-for his air traffic control, creation and popular mechanics magazines-and an occasional soda. Yes, he is always quick to say that it is HIS magazine rack/table. But of course I don't mind, if it means I can keep my antique white spray paint and sand paper square in my hand. :)

However - I will be the first to admit, My name is Rebekah and I am a shabby chic addict.
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