Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waiting on the Lord....

This month will definitely be an odd month for me. This January we are trying to move to Southern California for Harrison's school. We have found the apartment complex we want, although no apartments that we want are open yet at the right price. Harrison is currently posting resumes like crazy and I am at home trying to figure out how in the world to start packing. I am hoping that I will be in the area for my 25th birthday on the 30th. It is already the 16th, so I have a feeling I will be able to do that.

I feel like I am in limbo, wanting to make plans, but cant because we are busy waiting. Waiting for the Unknown. It gets a little discouraging at times trying to figure out how in the world to pack all your things up for a move and when in the world will I need to be ready? Right now all I can do is pray that Harrison finds the perfect job as soon as possible and start packing.

I do know that there is a job for Harrison and the Lord knows when we should be moving. I just think on those things each day as we wait patiently on the Lord for guidance. He has gotten us this far and I know He will carry us the rest of the way.
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