Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tootsie and Lemon - Beak to Beak

This evening our two birds Tootsie and Lemon met for the first time! As far as I know, Tootsie has never met a cockatiel before in her life! Lemon, on the other hand, had a cage mate when she was with her previous owner. Each bird has such different personalities. It will definitely be interesting. I thought I would share pictures of our birds first meeting! Harrison video taped their meeting, so I hope to put it on youtube soon! But first I need to make it over to my mom's house to use her computer.

Talk about seeing Double!

Blog Posts: Puzzle Thief! and Rescued! coming soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Officially Back from the Dead

Finally! I am over my sickness! After over a week and half of being sick, I am finally feeling well enough to start getting things done. I have only been able to do a little every day. Everything has gone on hold for so long! I am now ready to start accomplishing things! It's back to work, work, work.

So many things to do! Ok, so I wont look like this Lady while I work, but I can dream, cant I? :) I need to get back to my quilting, cooking, packing, cleaning, organizing, painting, laundry, bird training......and the list goes on! There were only a few things going on in my life while I was sick. So I thought I would list them:

1. I had a very wonderful companion who would sit on my head while I was bed ridden. She is being quarantined from the other birds until we know she is healthy. And I was being quarantined from life until I lost my sickness. We had that little thing in common. Lemon would watch movies with me. Such a sweet caring bird! :) We would share in our loneliness together waiting for Harrison to come home from work. ;)

2. I found a great new show that I am addicted to! And that show is called: Adam 12. A half hour police television show created by Jack Webb from 1968 to 1975. Thanks to netflix instant play, I was able to watch them while I was sick in bed.

3. The next thing I was able to do after I was able to get out of bed was a puzzle. Harrison and I started this crazy Photomosaic
puzzle of Joe Cool that we got from Target. Warning: this is not a puzzle you want to do when you are sick and get headaches easily! :) We are nuts for working on We are STILL working on it! Be looking for my next blog post titled: Puzzle Thief!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother and Daughter Road Trip - Slideshow

While Harrison and I were dating, I made a ton of stuff for him! The main source of my creativity came from Susan Branch's stickers! I became a big fan of hers! I still have a good stash of her hard to find stickers! So when I found out there was going to be a Tea Party at her store for her Birthday, I decided I was going to make the trip! And what better a way to do it then with my Mother! Just us girls! So off we went! :)

We were both very excited to get away for the weekend and have fun! We headed out early Friday afternoon and drove 4 hours to San Luis Obispo to stay in a fancy hotel. We stayed at Apple Farms Inn. The grounds included a hotel, a restaurant and bakery, 2 gift shops and a mill house. The grounds were very nice. Lots of flowers!

We checked out our elegant room and then headed off to their gift shop where we found some great goodies! Then we had a leisurely dinner at Apple Farms Restaurant.Then headed off to the hotel room to hook up the portable dvd player and netflix instant play. Snug in our pajama's we hopped in bed and watched a new show for me, and blast from the past for my mom - Adam 12! Ok, so I am now hooked on the show!

Finally, the next day came! I was going to meet Susan Branch! I have been dying to go to her store, Heart of the Home, for a while. I finally was getting my wish! We packed up our bags and checked out of the Hotel. Then walked to the Inn's Mill House gift shop and found some more goodies! Then it was off to meet Susan Branch!

Her store was so fun! I found so many great things to buy! I was in heaven! I shopped for a while, before Susan Branch made her entrance. In the back of the store they had drinks, cupcakes, cookies, and sandwiches! I was able to buy some fun things, meet Susan Branch, get her Autograph, and take some great pictures! My mom and I had a blast! Check out my slide show below!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sick as a Dog!

I will post about my trip to meet Susan Branch soon. But until then, I will be recuperating from sickness. Yesterday I had a terrible bout with allergies then at night a soar throat came on. And now today I am sick as a dog! Yuck!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun at the Beauty Parlor

Today has been quite a productive one for me! This morning I went to the salon and got a deep hair condition. They put all sorts of deep cleansing conditioner in my hair and stuck me under the dryer! I then got my hair its long needed cut. Then it was off to do my errands! Harrison is sick and needed some things from the store. Poor Boy! So I bought him fudge bars and orange soda. Lucky!

Then friday and saturday it is a mother daughter road trip to Apple Farms and then to meet Susan Branch at her store! It is to celebrate her birthday and preview her new fabric line and maybe even get an autograph! If you have never heard of Susan Branch, she makes great stickers! I used them all the time for projects when I was dating! So Cute!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Introducing Lemon - As Sweet as Sugar

I wanted to share pictures of our new birdie addition: Lemon! She is the sweetest bird you will ever meet! She just adores humans. She will cuddle and get scritches (scratches) every chance she gets.

Our Sweet Lemon

She came over to Harrison for some scritches, so I had to take some pictures. Here is Lemon enjoying the good life! She just loves to nuzzle into your hand and get scritches!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun at the Bird Store - To Buy or Not to Buy!

My gruesome bite is finally starting to heal up nicely. I decided to make another trip to Feathered Follies to see sweet lemon. I arrived at the bird store with cage in the backseat of my car, just in case I bought her. I swiftly made my way to the cage where Lemon was, being very careful not come in contact with the beast below. I was able to talk to the manager who said that I didn't have to buy Lemon with her cage mate! Very thrilled at that information! She then said I could take her in the back room and play with her! So I agreed very thrilled at the idea.

In the back room, Lemon stepped up onto my hand and started to instantly cuddle. I knew then and there I couldn't leave her behind in that store! She wanted everything to do with my hand. She wanted to be rubbed and loved. I called Harrison and we decided to take this little angel home.

At the moment she is on my shoulder burrowing herself in my hair. She is one lovable yet quirky bird. Of course I thought this would be a piece of cake, but Lemon does have a problem. She wants to be with you sooo bad! She doesn't like to be in her cage. She wants attention 24/7. If she doesn't get that attention...squawk, squawk, squawk! She is quarantined from the other birdies for a while to make sure she is healthy. So they chirp back and forth. Once she can be with the other birdies I know she will calm down.

So the answer to the question? To Buy or Not to Buy? Is.....To...BUY!

Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lily visits the vet in Style!

Lily our pacific parrotlet needed a custom cover for her travel cage so she could go to the Avian vet. I got tired of wrapping a towel around her travel cage. So I began on my fabric search and picked out this wonderful flannel fabric and started planning my design!

(which was a hit at the vets office!) The Office Lady brought in at least 2 women to come and see the cover. Lily shined at the vets office because she was traveling in style. So I decided to show you pictures of Lily's experience and my sewing project!

First the Fabulous Material

Then it is Sew, Sew, Sew until the cover is completed! I attached ribbon to secure the cover on the cage and then added a button so Lily could look out if she wanted to! It turned out to be a Success!

Lily in the car and ready to go!
Do I have to go to the Vet?!

Lily waiting for the doc!

Meanwhile, she turns her head upside down to beg for scritches (scratches) after her millet snack.

End Result: A beautiful cage cover, Trimmed Wings, and Tips on how to tame the sweet yet wild beast. :)

The End? NOPE!

Doc says Lily is a boy! Oh No!

I think a second opinion is in order!

Fun at the Birdshop - The Big Bite! - Installment One

It is always fun to visit the bird shop! I love to look at all of the beautiful birds. However this trip to the shop was to show my mom the sweetest bird, that I want to join the family. While visiting this lovely bird, I ran into a little dilemma. The cage was on top of another bird's cage. However, I did not notice until I felt a tugging on my hoodie draw string. Well, needless to say, the biggest bird I have ever come into close contact with was pulling on my jacket string. How cute I thought! How sweet he is playing with the string in his beak and holding it in his mondo bird feet. How cute.

"Ok, little guy let go!" I said. After repeating those words several times, he finally let go. Why did he let go must you ask? Well, because he had both his feet sticking out of the cage holding onto my fingers. How sweet! Or so I thought! Everyone in the store thought it was the cutest thing. My, how he has taken to me! Well, after holding my 2 fingers for a few moments, he decided to also stick his big beak through the bars and take a little chomp! Ok, A big Chomp out of my finger!

Lets just say that the pictures were too gruesome to show on my blog. I took the bite like a man! Looked at the bite and thought....few that wasn't too bad. Until I turned over my finger and looked at my cuticle. That bird split my finger from my cuticle 1/4 of an inch. I was bleeding like crazy, so with tissue in hand, I calmly went to the front counter and got 2 bandages. On the outside I was a trooper but on the inside I was freaking out! My finger stung like nothing else and would not stop bleeding. Ok, so now I have a phobia of huge birds with big beaks.

I wasn't going to let a little bite cut short my visit with Lemon, the bird I came to see. So I went back to visit Lemon who was on top of big birds cage! Every time I got close to this big bird's cage, he would stick his huge claws out of the cage to try and grap me. So I decided to say goodbye to Lemon, and headed off. Planning to come the next day to get more info on Lemon who will hopefully be Tootsie's new sister and companion. Till the next installment....Fun at the Birdshop - To Buy Or Not To Buy!
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