Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puzzle Thief!

Harrison and I found out that our bird Tootsie is a puzzle thief! She has to steal every puzzle piece she can get her beak and tootsie on and shred it! We unknowingly did something very stupid! We started a puzzle near her play area. We had no clue she had a puzzle problem. I have pictures to prove it!

She would sneak over and grab a puzzle piece with her beak and then run away. To the left is Tootsie getting ready to pounce! If she got away without me catching her, she would hold it with her tootsie and shred it to bits!

Here is the one moment I let her hold it, so I could get a picture. I had to take it fast though, because she is a fast worker. A couple of times she got away with it and shredded the piece. So now some of the pieces have Tootsie's markings on them. Even with Tootsie around, the puzzle is still making good progress ....

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