Thursday, April 24, 2008

Officially Back from the Dead

Finally! I am over my sickness! After over a week and half of being sick, I am finally feeling well enough to start getting things done. I have only been able to do a little every day. Everything has gone on hold for so long! I am now ready to start accomplishing things! It's back to work, work, work.

So many things to do! Ok, so I wont look like this Lady while I work, but I can dream, cant I? :) I need to get back to my quilting, cooking, packing, cleaning, organizing, painting, laundry, bird training......and the list goes on! There were only a few things going on in my life while I was sick. So I thought I would list them:

1. I had a very wonderful companion who would sit on my head while I was bed ridden. She is being quarantined from the other birds until we know she is healthy. And I was being quarantined from life until I lost my sickness. We had that little thing in common. Lemon would watch movies with me. Such a sweet caring bird! :) We would share in our loneliness together waiting for Harrison to come home from work. ;)

2. I found a great new show that I am addicted to! And that show is called: Adam 12. A half hour police television show created by Jack Webb from 1968 to 1975. Thanks to netflix instant play, I was able to watch them while I was sick in bed.

3. The next thing I was able to do after I was able to get out of bed was a puzzle. Harrison and I started this crazy Photomosaic
puzzle of Joe Cool that we got from Target. Warning: this is not a puzzle you want to do when you are sick and get headaches easily! :) We are nuts for working on We are STILL working on it! Be looking for my next blog post titled: Puzzle Thief!
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