Sunday, July 27, 2008

BekahJan's Amigurumi Crochet Patterns!

A few blog posts ago, I explained about my upcoming crochet patterns and Etsy Store! I have two crochet patterns created and one in progress. Today I officially finished my instructions for my first pattern! What took so long, was finding the time to get pictures taken I needed for the PDF pattern. The pattern was already written on paper over 3 weeks ago! So I will officially have items in my Etsy store this Wednesday! I am so excited to finally share a couple pictures of my first creation with you!

Introducing my Amigurumi Clownfish!

As of late, I have had literally over 10 projects on my to do list! In fact, I have even started at least 5 of them! I tend to overload myself! However, I will be able to work on my store full time when we move into our new apartment with the glorious second bedroom!

Remember to check out my store this Wednesday:

If all goes well, I will have my crochet clownfish pattern for sale and a couple of other items!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Endeavors!

I decided it was about time I update everyone on our recent turn of events. Harrison found this great program online through Embry-Riddle to get his bachelors degree in Aviation Business Administration. He needs his bachelors degree to become an air traffic controller, what better a way then online? Not only does this bring him closer to his dream, but it also gives him another great profession to fall back on. It also means that we will not be moving.

If its one thing we have learned, it is to wait on the Lord. We made our own timing on our plans but the Lord had other ideas. I have learned the only way to find true contentment is to follow God's plan for your life. We had our own direction, but he halted us and showed us His direction. We are very thankful for his direction in our life. We now are heading full throttle ahead. I am ready for this adventure. Let me explain at least 3 of these adventures in store for us...

1. In September we are moving to new apartments! So thrilled! This apartment is being built as I write. We have already signed the lease! We are moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment with better sound proof walls! So excited! I am so excited to move and to start decorating and setting up our new place. But I am even more excited about having my own craft room! So fun! However, I do have to share it with the birds and Harrison! The computer and tv will also be in there. But I don't mind at all!

2. Harrison received his acceptance letter to Embry-Riddle. So he will start beginning classes as soon as move! He is so excited about this!

3. I am starting my own online store! In fact, I am in the process of working on it. I still have a few more things to do, but I should have it up and running very very soon! My goal was tomorrow, but with all the house and pet sitting we have been doing this week, it has been postponed.

I better run! Harrison and I have a date that I have to prepare for. We are house sitting this week and the house has a pool! So I will be packing a picnic, Harrison will be getting off of work 2 hours early, and we will get the pool all to ourselves! I haven't been swimming in ages! We went shopping for some fun snacks yesterday! So I better pack that ice chest!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sewing Station to die for!

A while back, I bought the cutest sewing table from the store: A Room With A Past! I had the perfect sewing stool for it, but it needed a face lift very badly. So I grabbed some of my Heather Bailey fabric and upholstered it. I am loving it!

So I just HAD to share some pictures with you! :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

My Newest Plant!

So I am loving my new Hydrangea Plant! It was a very sweet anniversary gift from my mother-in-law, Andrea (and father-in-law too of course). How did she know I have always wanted a Hydrangea? I don't know. I am assuming it is because of her mother-in-law super powers. She is just
cool that way! :)

So, I thought I would share a picture of my beautiful new plant! Oh, ya! I also got a really cool balloon with the plant! I think balloons are so fun! I remember in high school, Melissa and I would always get each other balloons for our birthdays.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rosie the Riveter and our Brave Women...

"Pearl Harbor Attacked! U.S. Enters World War II! 80,000 Women Find Work In Defense Plants!"

Recently, Harrison took me to see the Rosie the Riveter memorial in Richmond. I am a big Rosie the Riveter fan! Rosie the Riveter was a media propaganda creation devised to represent and encourage those women who filled in during World War II for our men fighting over seas. Women were a giant part in winning the war. They braved the discrimination by men and went against the odds to take over the men's job while at war. They faced many obstacles and overcame them. Across the nation women worked in defense industries and support services including Shipyards, foundries, steel mills, warehouses, lumber mills, offices, hospitals and daycare centers.

The memorial is located in Richmond where a shipyard bustled during the war. We were not only able to see the Rosie Memorial, but we were able to see remnants of Richmond's ship yard where many women worked. We also were able to see the cargo ship SS Red oak victory ship. Loaded with cargo, this ship departed San Fransisco for Pearl Harbor on January 10, 1945. During the war, she served as an ammunition ship for various ships in the South Pacific. She is now laid to rest in the old Richmond Shipyards. They do tours, but unfortunately, we got there 1/2 after they closed. We are hoping to make another trip for the tour.

I wanted to share with you some quotes from real life Rosie the Riveter women on working during the war.
"When I got my first paycheck it was $16.50 a week. I was so happy. I stuck it on my wall in the bedroom, then in the kitchen. I didn't want to cash it. I thought I was so rich."

"It was hard to convince your lead man that you could do the work. When he assigned jobs, I used to follow him around and say, "I could do that, I could do that." He got sick of me and said, "Okay do it!" And of course, I could. I could do it."

"It was in all the newspapers-they needed women workers in factories. We all got raises because my boss was afraid we'd quit and get defense jobs."

"Let me tell you this. I was 23. I never had a job. My husband was an electrician. I told him, "I'm going to work, too." He said,"No you're not." That same afternoon I went to the hiring hall."

"You must tell your children, putting modesty aside, that without us, without women, there would have been no spring in 1945."

A blog that I will be working on for the future will be in honor of our WASPS of World War II: Women Airforce Service Pilots. Stay Tuned!
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