Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A day to Remember

Sunday was such a beautiful day for Harrison and I.

The weather was so beautiful, cool, crisp, and sunny. Flowers were blooming and bird's were singing.

Two days previous we told my parents about adoption and on this beautiful day we told Harrison's parents.

We told my parents at the Cheesecake factory and then Harrison's parents at Claim Jumpers. Things just went so smoothly and joyfully. Our families reactions of joy really meant a lot to us. With our families support, we are so very excited to start this new blessed adventure.

We have enjoyed our new rental house tremendously. We even have a little park, literally a 1 minute walk away. So we decided to take advantage and go for a walk.

Excitement was in the air as we walked hand in hand to the park. What a fun park it was too and to live only 2 houses down is awesome.

Who knew that only around the bend was a lake full of fish, turtles, ducks, geese and even a bunny sighting. First, we met the ducks and geese with a bag of bread. They welcomed us warmly. Wait till we bring them cracked corn, they will love us. :)

We even found this cute little cotton tail.

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see a turtle sun bathing.

It was a lovely day indeed.

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