Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lily visits the vet in Style!

Lily our pacific parrotlet needed a custom cover for her travel cage so she could go to the Avian vet. I got tired of wrapping a towel around her travel cage. So I began on my fabric search and picked out this wonderful flannel fabric and started planning my design!

(which was a hit at the vets office!) The Office Lady brought in at least 2 women to come and see the cover. Lily shined at the vets office because she was traveling in style. So I decided to show you pictures of Lily's experience and my sewing project!

First the Fabulous Material

Then it is Sew, Sew, Sew until the cover is completed! I attached ribbon to secure the cover on the cage and then added a button so Lily could look out if she wanted to! It turned out to be a Success!

Lily in the car and ready to go!
Do I have to go to the Vet?!

Lily waiting for the doc!

Meanwhile, she turns her head upside down to beg for scritches (scratches) after her millet snack.

End Result: A beautiful cage cover, Trimmed Wings, and Tips on how to tame the sweet yet wild beast. :)

The End? NOPE!

Doc says Lily is a boy! Oh No!

I think a second opinion is in order!

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