Monday, April 21, 2008

Mother and Daughter Road Trip - Slideshow

While Harrison and I were dating, I made a ton of stuff for him! The main source of my creativity came from Susan Branch's stickers! I became a big fan of hers! I still have a good stash of her hard to find stickers! So when I found out there was going to be a Tea Party at her store for her Birthday, I decided I was going to make the trip! And what better a way to do it then with my Mother! Just us girls! So off we went! :)

We were both very excited to get away for the weekend and have fun! We headed out early Friday afternoon and drove 4 hours to San Luis Obispo to stay in a fancy hotel. We stayed at Apple Farms Inn. The grounds included a hotel, a restaurant and bakery, 2 gift shops and a mill house. The grounds were very nice. Lots of flowers!

We checked out our elegant room and then headed off to their gift shop where we found some great goodies! Then we had a leisurely dinner at Apple Farms Restaurant.Then headed off to the hotel room to hook up the portable dvd player and netflix instant play. Snug in our pajama's we hopped in bed and watched a new show for me, and blast from the past for my mom - Adam 12! Ok, so I am now hooked on the show!

Finally, the next day came! I was going to meet Susan Branch! I have been dying to go to her store, Heart of the Home, for a while. I finally was getting my wish! We packed up our bags and checked out of the Hotel. Then walked to the Inn's Mill House gift shop and found some more goodies! Then it was off to meet Susan Branch!

Her store was so fun! I found so many great things to buy! I was in heaven! I shopped for a while, before Susan Branch made her entrance. In the back of the store they had drinks, cupcakes, cookies, and sandwiches! I was able to buy some fun things, meet Susan Branch, get her Autograph, and take some great pictures! My mom and I had a blast! Check out my slide show below!

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Jan Ely said...

Oh you are a lucky girl! First, you get to travel, second you get to spend quality time with mom,third you get to see the SB store, and then you got to meet Susan Branch! Treasure your memories like gold!

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