Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Most Unbelievable Place!

A sign use to be displayed on the side of the freeway that stated:
"The Most Unbelievable Place You Will Ever Live"
This sign referred to my apartment complex. This statement is quite hilarious because it really is the most unbelievable place! But so not how they meant it. This place is so Unbelievable for all the wrong reasons.

I start to think how this place could not get any more unbelievable, but then I am always proved wrong. I will list a few of the things we have and are dealing with, then I will tell you about the newest development of this "Unbelievable" Place.

To list a few: open draining pipe hanging over bathtub, humidity of average 51%, fire alarm going off about 10 times at night and morning, neighbors above pounding, car almost getting broken into (scared off by car alarm), Gates not working, a rodent in the wall, drag racers on our street, power going out in bedroom and craft room (because I was running the vacuum), waiting one month for phone and internet because apartment didn't have what we needed, sliding door didn't lock, no hot water when we first moved in, Bathtub pipes clogged from mud from construction, heater broken (still is broken), had to bug them for 2 months just to get the early move in bonus they promised us, smoke alarm going off because I ran my popcorn popper, solicitors because the gate isn't fixed, Must I really go on? Too many more to list...

Now on to the most recent problem. A fight between 2 neighbors buildings. I will set the scene, 4:30 am, loud thunderous pounding. I hop out of bed scared out of my mind someone is braking in or the roof is falling. I wake up Harrison and we head to the front door and wait for the sound again. More thunderous pounding down the hall. Then we hear it, a man yelling at the top of his lungs loud obscenities with complains of the other neighbors being loud at all hours of the night. More ranting and raving continues followed by our neighbor going back into his apartment with a door slam. Peep hole on door finally comes in handy! lol We wait, moments later the police come to settle the argument. Finally after things quiet down. I fall asleep.

Does the story end here? Of course not! Next day, I am in the living room with the birds. I quickly put the birds back in their cages because of loud voices outside our door. I go to my trusty peephole and spy our neighbors fighting about last night. Back and forth the argument went "your being too loud at night", "I can do whatever I want its my apartment and you scared my wife" "not after hours you cant!".....and so on. Just when I am about to call an apartment manager, they part ways angrily. Of course I am a little worried about the threats they we shall see how this even will unfold more.

But until then, I have plenty of problems to deal with. Renting a house cant come any sooner. I will miss my craft room and huge bath tub though. But are those things really worth it when we deal with so much more! I think not.

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