Saturday, February 28, 2009

Late Night Safeway Trip = Detection Work

I have come to realize that a normal night is never normal. It seems since we moved, we cant seem to find a normal evening at home. Last night was no different. Harrison and I decided we needed a trip to Safeway at about 11:00pm. So we hop in our car and head down the road. On our way to the intersection, we notice a parked car with a man wearing all black sneaking around a locked gate that enters to the construction zone of our apartments.

This is not normal! So we turned around to investigate, nonchalantly of course. :) The man, with his car running and waiting, was no where in site. We get back to the top of the hill and call security and wait. Ok, so that did no good! So much for security. So finally the man emerges and hops in his car and takes off. We follow, thank goodness he is heading toward where we are going. :) So we catch up to him get his license number and call it an evening.

Today we promptly delivered the information to the apartment management. Come to find out, this happened once before. They were very thankful to know we got a license number. I am feeling very happy we did a good service, yet wondering, is it really safe to live here? That is the second suspicious thing we have come across.

Dream apartments are now becoming Dreaded apartments. The end of our lease cant come fast enough!

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Jan Ely said...

I'm so sorry your home is not as you'd hoped it would be! I hope once you get out, you find happiness! It was nice to see this morning and thanks again for having me "over for dinner" last night!!!

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