Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Endeavors!

I decided it was about time I update everyone on our recent turn of events. Harrison found this great program online through Embry-Riddle to get his bachelors degree in Aviation Business Administration. He needs his bachelors degree to become an air traffic controller, what better a way then online? Not only does this bring him closer to his dream, but it also gives him another great profession to fall back on. It also means that we will not be moving.

If its one thing we have learned, it is to wait on the Lord. We made our own timing on our plans but the Lord had other ideas. I have learned the only way to find true contentment is to follow God's plan for your life. We had our own direction, but he halted us and showed us His direction. We are very thankful for his direction in our life. We now are heading full throttle ahead. I am ready for this adventure. Let me explain at least 3 of these adventures in store for us...

1. In September we are moving to new apartments! So thrilled! This apartment is being built as I write. We have already signed the lease! We are moving into a new 2 bedroom apartment with better sound proof walls! So excited! I am so excited to move and to start decorating and setting up our new place. But I am even more excited about having my own craft room! So fun! However, I do have to share it with the birds and Harrison! The computer and tv will also be in there. But I don't mind at all!

2. Harrison received his acceptance letter to Embry-Riddle. So he will start beginning classes as soon as move! He is so excited about this!

3. I am starting my own online store! In fact, I am in the process of working on it. I still have a few more things to do, but I should have it up and running very very soon! My goal was tomorrow, but with all the house and pet sitting we have been doing this week, it has been postponed.

I better run! Harrison and I have a date that I have to prepare for. We are house sitting this week and the house has a pool! So I will be packing a picnic, Harrison will be getting off of work 2 hours early, and we will get the pool all to ourselves! I haven't been swimming in ages! We went shopping for some fun snacks yesterday! So I better pack that ice chest!

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