Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lily in Action

I am in the process of training my new parrotlet named Lily. So I decided to post pictures of her progress and her antics. She is definitely a handful! Today she learned the trick of being an escape artist and escaped from her cage! As I sat on the bed and looked on the computer, I look up and find lily has squeezed out of a little 3/4 inch gap in the cage. She was outside her cage, trapped between the wall and the cage. So now we need to figure out how to keep her from doing that little trick again. Enjoy the pictures of Lily!

Here we have Lily looking cute as always!

In the 2 pictures below, we have Lily trying to get a way from me by burrowing herself into the covers!

Here we have Lily learning how to forage and eat her pellets.

Here we have Lily Learning to Finger Train.

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