Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Grand Prize Excitement!

Hey Guys! Guess What I Won!

Wanna See More?!

Ta Da!!

Pretty Cool, Huh?!

Ok, so heres the story! My Favorite Store, Room With A Past was having a Raffle/Drawing! You got tickets for coming, bringing friends, and your purchases. Ok, I never expected to win. But I did, however, looong to win! :) Winning would be great! I mean, after all, it is my favorite store in the whole world! You could probably say I am their biggest fan. Although, it being a great store, I am sure others think they are the biggest fan. :) But I just may have them beat. Every time, I get a compliment of furniture or cute items in my home, I always say...."I got that from Room with a Past" I mean, my home is filled with treasures from them. :)

Well, yesterday morning, I got THE Call!
I won! So Excited!

Of course, I called my husband first! Because he loves the store just as much as me! Then I called my mother! And of course she was ecstatic too. :) My mother in law also called me to say congratulations. Thanks to her for coming on Sunday, I got 2 extra tickets! Can you tell, I am super excited!? Ok, enough writing....off to the pictures! The adorable shabby chic, vintage bird cage was filled with goodies....oh ya, did I mention the 100$ Gift Certificate!!!? :)


Harrison said...

To be honest, I never thought you'd really win. But I'm happy that you did. Well, except for the huge bird cage...still not sure where THAT is going to go.

Rebekah said...

I have no clue either, but where ever it will go, it will look darn cute! :)

Jan Ely said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for all the nice things you have to say about MY favorite little shop, too!

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