Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Date Night at Barnes & Noble

I always love a date night to Barnes & Noble! Harrison heads off to the bargain books and I head off to the quilting magazine, craft books, and Christian Fiction! Then it's off to the cafeteria to sit together, soda in hand, and sort through our prospective buys.

Harrison always find great books! I on the other hand have to search very hard to find books that I want. But as always, at the end of the date we have some great buys!
Tonight's date we walked away with a few goodies.

My Finds:

1. I bought that very needed book light! No more Book Owl LED lights for me! I found the perfect book light! Granted it is quite big, but it is the best I have seen. It is called the FlipLite. I absolutely love it!
2. I then got a Christian Fiction book titled: Oregon Brides.

Harrison's Finds:

How to Be President - What to Do and Where to Go Once You're in Office
Harrison loves this book! He has already read most of it. It gives a guide to the formalities of being president. A few Examples of the topics would be: How to get snacks, how to order out, secret passage ways, or how to get your laundry done.
"You've won the election and you wake up on your first day in the White House - Where's the bathroom? How do you get breakfast? Where do you sit at a cabinet meeting? When can you use Air Force One? This essential, illustrated employee manual explains the real nuts and bolts o being the President of the United States."
2. Always Grace - A Novel , by Tim LaHaye

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