Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rose Petal Tea and a spoon full of Patience

I am finally able to sit down, drink some rose petal tea and really relax before heading off to Ladies Bible Study. This weekend has been one of stress, anxiety, fun, and adventure! It is possible for those feelings to occur all at once as I have found out this weekend.

This weekend we traveled to Rancho Cucamonga to go apartment searching. We headed out at 5:30 am Sunday morning and arrived in Rancho 7 hours later. We then got in our hotel and got ready for our apartment searching. We drove all over the area after touring 2 apartment complexes.

The first one in Mira Loma, was absolutely beautiful! Except the area smelled like cows and it was out in the boonies. The next apartment we looked out had a great layout. Except the layout we wanted was by a freeway. So the kitchen window outlooked trash from the freeway and of course the freeway. It was a quite depressing location. So we ended the day a little worried. We only had one more apartment worth looking at. It was very hard to sleep that night. The apartment complex that we were going to look at Monday morning had such possibilities. It is only about 5 min. away from Melissa; which is wonderful! It was in a great area and the grounds were beautiful! But we had no clue how the inside would look. If we didn't like this place we had no clue what we were going to do. But as always, the Lord was looking out for us.

That night we tried very hard to relax before the next day. I became hooked on the cable channel called HGTV....lots of home and gardening tv. I loved it! I love watching home decoration/organization and home improvement shows. The next day arrived and we checked out of the hotel and headed to the leasing office.

We were finally able to tour Ironwood at Empire Lakes Apartments. The apartment is right across the street from shopping. There was everything from Sam's Club to Target and Chipotle to Daphne's Greek food. The area was packed with all sorts of wonderful stores and restaurants all within walking distance. We were given a tour of inside the gated community. It was very quiet and peaceful. All the amenities were wonderful! We toured the inside of 2 apartments. Inside was very spacious and the layouts were wonderful! The appliances and kitchen was really nice. It even had a pantry. For those who have seen my small kitchen will understand how wonderful a pantry is. hehe. The apartment was everything we hoped and more. We decided on the layout called the Reflect. The Reflect has 975 sq footage. It is a one bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment that comes with a Den. We loved it. It had a very nice covered patio and a small storage unit. It had a huge walk in closet, lots of sink space in the bathroom and kitchen and a wonderful pantry. It also had 9 foot ceilings which made Harrison very happy.

We are so thrilled that we found the place we want. We started looking about a month too soon, so there weren't a lot of options yet. So we were told to wait a month and check back to their website daily, since they wont know about any availability until it gets closer to our moving date. So now that we found the apartment complex and layout. Now we are praying that the right apartment becomes available for the right pricing. The Lord has brought us so far and I am thankful that I never have to worry because God is in control. :) With a little bit of patience and lots of prayer, I know the Lord will work everything out in the end.

Here are some pictures of the apartment.

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Emilie R. Edwards said...

Sorry! I didn't realize you had the same layout!! I"ll change mine!! Yah, you can add my link. No problem. Love You!!! Tell Harrison hey for me!

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