Saturday, October 20, 2007

Garage Sale Fun

For the past week I have been cleaning out our apartment of anything that I don't need. This is especially important, because we are moving in January. I was able to put everything I found in a friend's garage sale. With the left over items that didn't sell, I will be gladly taking to goodwill. It is a wonderful feeling to get rid of clutter and make money in the process! I always help out with this garage sale twice a year. It will be sad to have to miss it next year; due to our relocation.

At these garage Sales we always have tons of fun! I decided to post some pictures of proof of our goofy fun! People featured in the pictures are Harrison manning the garage sale, yours truly in a woopie cushion costume, Marian our biker Chic/Cowgirl and Mike looking suave in his fashionable hat! Garage sales with Marian are always loads of fun! You never know what will happen! hehe! Enjoy!

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